1. Instantiation


A seasoned band of adventurers found their way to a remote inn after being accosted by bandits many times deep into the Sword Coast.

After some much needed food, ale and milk, a colourfully dressed gypsey burst into the inn and approached the adventurers, speaking directly to them. He informed them that his master was in need of their service and presented them with a letter of invitation to the land of Barovia.

After a long night's rest, the group agreed to heed the letter's instructions and headed down the old Svalich road towards Barovia. Eventually, strange mists engulfed them. Nature warped around them.

After being harried by a large group of direwolves, the group eventually arrived in the Village of Barovia just as night was falling. There they learned the land of Barovia is ruled by a cruel tyrant vampire lord named Strahd van Zarovich.

Eventually they met Ismark, son of the burgermaster, and reluctantly agreed to help him and his sister Ireena who has been harrassed by Strahd for several weeks.

As the group went with Ismark to his manor, they found Ireena. And they found Strahd. Strahd bites Ireena, leaving her incapacitated, and welcomes the group to Barovia. He then disappears, transmogrified into a swarm of bats.

After stabilising Ireena and calming her and Ismark, the crew agrees to escort her to the town of Vallaki where Ismark believes she will be safe at St. Andal's church.

2. Tarokka Reading


The adventurers make their way from the Village of Barovia down the Svalich Road towards Vallaki. They come across Tser Pool, an encampment of Vistani. Amongst them is Madam Eva, a Vistana soothsayer who takes the fortune of each member of the party, revealing to them some more details of Strahd and hinting that there might be some items that can be used to destroy him and release the curse.

After thanking the Vistani for their hospitality, the group continued up the Svalich Road. Eventually they arrived at a bridge crossing Tser Falls where they found Strahd himself.

Immediately, Thaddeus challenged him to a duel, which Strahd accepted. Eventually the paladin was killed, and Strahd once again, disappeared virtually unharmed.

Pip, taking Thaddeus' horse galloped towards Vallaki as fast as he could. The rest of the group barely able to keep up.

Finally the team arrived at the Blue Waters inn. Pip was inconsolible, and the rest of the party was shaken to their core.

3. Tarokka Reading


The team, having barely recovered from the passing of Thaddeus, starts to learn of the problems facing the town of Valaki.

The burgermaster is insane and trying to force happiness on everyone, the church is not a safe haven they thought it would be for Ireena, since the bones of Saint Andal, which protected it have been stolen.

They determine that the stolen bones are the highest priority, and through some clever sleuthing determine that they were taken by Milivoj, the groundskeeper, and sold to Henrich the coffin maker.

They confront Henrich who admits to the crime, but in the process awaken a nest of vampire spawn. Elf and Astrid are able to escape with the bones and return to the church, Pip and Mighty are not so lucky. Mighty is killed by vampire spawn, and Pip is saved only by the timely intervention of the town's guard.

Player Characters

Elf (real name unknown)
Elderly, even by elven standards. Elf has live many lifetimes and forgotten his or her (gender also unknown) name.
Arrogant and racist. Proud to a fault. Follower of the god Helm. Challenged Strahd van Zarovich to a duel in which he was kill despite a valliant effort.
Philip (Pip)
Squire to Thaddeus, who treated him as his own son. Has sworn an oath of vengence against Strahd.
Sailor cum adventurer. Kind hearted, but fearsome in battle. Fell to a swarm of vampire spawn. Whereabouts unknown, presumed dead. Best friends with Astrid.
Orphaned tabaxi street child. Wild and untamed. Best friends with Mighty.
Born in Vallaki. Milivoj rejects the burgomaster’s proclamation that “All will be well!” and is frustrated that he can’t protect his younger siblings. He wants to be free of Barovia’s curse but sees no hope of escape. After the adventurer's retrieve the bones of St. Andal from the coffin maker, and Milivoj sees that Strahd can be resisted, he offers to join them. Trusty with a shovel, which he weilds like a polearm.