Tarokka Reading
Another Death
Wizards of Wine
Next Steps
The Werewolves
Near Death
The Pass
Shovel Knight
The Wanderer
The Wereraven Muriel
Minus One Burgomaster
Baba Lysaga
Thaddeus the Fallen
The Beginning of the End
Ravenloft Pt. 1


1. Instantiation


A seasoned band of adventurers found their way to a remote inn after being accosted by bandits many times deep into the Sword Coast.

After some much needed food, ale and milk, a colourfully dressed gypsey burst into the inn and approached the adventurers, speaking directly to them. He informed them that his master was in need of their service and presented them with a letter of invitation to the land of Barovia.

After a long night's rest, the group agreed to heed the letter's instructions and headed down the old Svalich road towards Barovia. Eventually, strange mists engulfed them. Nature warped around them.

After being harried by a large group of direwolves, the group eventually arrived in the Village of Barovia just as night was falling. There they learned the land of Barovia is ruled by a cruel tyrant vampire lord named Strahd van Zarovich.

Eventually they met Ismark, son of the burgermaster, and reluctantly agreed to help him and his sister Ireena who has been harrassed by Strahd for several weeks.

As the group went with Ismark to his manor, they found Ireena. And they found Strahd. Strahd bites Ireena, leaving her incapacitated, and welcomes the group to Barovia. He then disappears, transmogrified into a swarm of bats.

After stabilising Ireena and calming her and Ismark, the crew agrees to escort her to the town of Vallaki where Ismark believes she will be safe at St. Andal's church.

2. Tarokka Reading


The adventurers make their way from the Village of Barovia down the Svalich Road towards Vallaki. They come across Tser Pool, an encampment of Vistani. Amongst them is Madam Eva, a Vistana soothsayer who takes the fortune of each member of the party, revealing to them some more details of Strahd and hinting that there might be some items that can be used to destroy him and release the curse.

After thanking the Vistani for their hospitality, the group continued up the Svalich Road. Eventually they arrived at a bridge crossing Tser Falls where they found Strahd himself.

Immediately, Thaddeus challenged him to a duel, which Strahd accepted. Eventually the paladin was killed, and Strahd once again, disappeared virtually unharmed.

Pip, taking Thaddeus' horse galloped towards Vallaki as fast as he could. The rest of the group barely able to keep up.

Finally the team arrived at the Blue Waters inn. Pip was inconsolible, and the rest of the party was shaken to their core.

3. Vallaki


The team, having barely recovered from the passing of Thaddeus, starts to learn of the problems facing the town of Vallaki.

The burgermaster is insane and trying to force happiness on everyone, the church is not a safe haven they thought it would be for Ireena, since the bones of Saint Andal, which protected it have been stolen.

They determine that the stolen bones are the highest priority, and through some clever sleuthing determine that they were taken by Milivoj, the groundskeeper, and sold to Henrich the coffin maker.

They confront Henrich who admits to the crime, but in the process awaken a nest of vampire spawn. Elf and Astrid are able to escape with the bones and return to the church, Pip and Mighty are not so lucky. Mighty is killed by vampire spawn, and Pip is saved only by the timely intervention of the town's guard.

4. Another Death


The team, having barely recovered from the passing of Thaddeus, starts to learn of the problems facing the town of Vallaki.

The burgermaster is insane and trying to force happiness on everyone, the church is not a safe haven they thought it would be for Ireena, since the bones of Saint Andal, which protected it have been stolen.

They determine that the stolen bones are the highest priority, and through some clever sleuthing determine that they were taken by Milivoj, the groundskeeper, and sold to Henrich the coffin maker.

They confront Henrich who admits to the crime, but in the process awaken a nest of vampire spawn. Elf and Astrid are able to escape with the bones and return to the church, Pip and Mighty are not so lucky. Mighty is killed by vampire spawn, and Pip is saved only by the timely intervention of the town's guard.

5. Ezmerelda


Having been brought back to the Church of St. Andal, the adventurers found themselves udner the ire of the burgermaster for causing trouble in town with the vampire spawn. Astrid had gone missing somehow in her escape from the coffin maker's shop.

The burgermaster's henchman, Izek, approached them at the church, and told them they were to accompany him back to speak with the burgermaster, who would decide their fate. Elf made no secret of his hatred of Izek, but before it could come to blows, Pip talked him down.

The crew accompanied Izek to the burgermaster where they were presented with an ultimatum; Deliver a strange vistana woman to him or be convicted of collaborating against the safety of the town and hanged in the town square.

The team agreed to the ultimatum, despite Elf's apprehension about Izek. At the same time Milivoj declared his intention to accompany the team.

After leaving the burgermaster's manse, the team made their way towards Van Richten's tower where they'd been told the vistana woman had last been seen. On arriving they found a wagon with a sign "Keep Out". Unable to resist, Milivoj opened the front door and triggered a trap exploding the entire cart and it's contents and leaving billowing black clouds of smoke floating into the air.

After licking their wounds, the team made their way into the tower where they were able to command golems to control a lift to a room up top. After some experimentation they found, hidden behind an animated suite of armour, the Tome of Strahd. The book explained, in Strahd's own words, how he became a vampyr through a pact with Vol. His love for Tatyana, and how he killed his brother.

It also described his fear of a sword of light, and the sun.

Not long into their investigation, they heard a woman's voice cry "What the f&^*k" outside. Looking out they saw a woman and further in the distance a number of large wolves converging on the tower.

Despite their guilt in the destruction of the wagon, the team were able to convince Ezmerelda of their good intentions, and besides; as the wolves converged now was not the time for bickering amongst the desperate.

Together, the group fought with Ezmerelda and was able to kill or drive back the wolves and (it turns out) werewolves that were attacking. Milivoj and Pip learned quickly that the werewolves were immune to regular weapons, but vulnerable to magic and silver.

After the defeat of the werewolves, the team was left to determine what they were to do with Ezmerelda and how they were going to deal with Izek and the burgermaster.

6. Wizards of Wine


After the defeat of the werewolves, and licking their wounds, the group had to decide on their next course of action. Elf left on his own to find out why the werewolves were working with Strahd. Astrid was still missing, and the rest of the group feared the worst.

They considered their options;

First, they had found both their prophesised partner (Ezmerelda) and the Tome of Strahd. From the clues that they have, they believe another artifact can be found in the ruins of Berez.

Second, they also knew that another artifact resides in a saint's house. Ezmerelda informed them that she'd been staying at the Abbey of Saint Markovia in the village of Krezk, which seemed to fit the description.

Finally, they'd agreed with the Martikovs in Vallaki to investigate why the wine shipments had ceased.

After some deliberations, they agreed that before seeking out further artifacts, they needed to gather supplies. If they wanted to get supplies, they'd need some kind of currency or favours, and resolving the winery problem seemed as good a plan as any.

They also revealed to Ez how the mayor of Vallaki asked them to return her to him, but as they are not sympathetic to the mayor they chose not to do so.

And so the two remaining members of the party, Milivoj and Pip set off with Ez to the Wizards of Wine Winery. After a long day on the road they began to approach the vinyards where they found several strange creatures beckoning.

As they drew closer to investigate, they found it was Davian Martikov, the owner of the winery. He explained how the winery had been taken over by blights and druids five days prior. Milivoj and Pip agreed to investigate if they were remunerated in kinds.

They drew close to the winery, but despite their uneasy feelings they saw no sign of druid or blight. Just as they began to enter the building however, from the vinyard they came.

Hundreds of blights.

As the battle raged, further blights and druids emerged from the winery building. The group held their own, but the odds were nearly insurmountable. The final remaining blights began to overtake them and both Pip and Milivoj fell. Ezmerelda standing alone was able to dispatch the final creatures and perform some basic first aide on the two fallen adventurers.

Once again, they felt the weight of danger in Strahd's Barovia. They skulked into the stables of the winery where they were able to have a brief respite.

After they'd recouped, the group began to investigate, door by door, the winery. Eventually they found another group of druids, but this time were prepared and dispatched them professionally before the perverted creatures could mount any resistance. Upon one of them Milivoj found a magical staff that could be used to destroy blights.

Finally they were happy that the winery was secure, and they went to Davian Martikov. He paid them with silver ingots, and allowed them to rest at the winery as long as they needed. He also agreed to restart shipments to Urwin in Vallaki immediately, despite his hatred of his son.

As they group discussed the winery with Davian further, he revealed that there were three magical gems which were planted in the fields which allowed the grapes to grow. Without them no further wine could be produced. One gem was lost when Urwin was on watch years ago. Another was lost when it was stolen by scarecrow creatures several weeks past. Davian believe this to be hidden in the ruins of Berez.

The last gem had been stolen five days ago by the druids. He also believed this to be taken to their holy ground in Yester Hill not far from the vinyard.

7. Next Steps


After several weeks of rest and recuperation at the Winery as the guests of the Martikovs the adventurers again grew anxious. It had been some times since they'd heard from Elf and they feared the worst. Astrid was still missing and they presumed dead or worse.

Just as they were about to give up on waiting and continue their quest with only Pip, Milivoj and Ezmerelda the group was greated by a nonplussed Elf returned from the hunt.

He revealed that he'd discovered that the group of werewolves who attacked them at Von Richten's tower had a den in the hills to the west of Lake Baratok. He'd tracked them there and followed their movements for nearly a week. During that time he learned the there had been a political schism amongst the pack. Some amongst them were kidnapping local children, arming them and forcing them to fight to the death. The winner of several fights was deemed the strongest and infected with lycanthropy, thus ensuring the strenght of the pack. The leader of this faction was named Kiril.

The other faction was led by one named Emil. Elf didn't know the details of Emil's politics but knew that the key disagreement between the groups was the child fighting.

Kiril disappeared one day and came back accompanied by dire wolves and others loyal to Strahd, and Emil was captured and taken to Castle Ravenloft.

With that, Elf had fled, now understanding the gravity of the situation in which werewolves and vampires had aligned themselves. Several days later he had tracked the rest of the group to the winery and reunited.

After some discussion Pip and Milivoj agreed that they couldn't allow child death matches. However, they also knew they couldn't face werewolves without silver weapons. And the only place to get any kind of weapons in Barovia is the Vistani.

The group made their way to the Vistani camp outside of Vallaki. Here they agreed with the two leaders that in exchange for finding their daughter, who'd disappeared several days before, the vistani craftsmen would augment several arrows for Elf with silver, and replace the head of Milivoj's shovel with silver.

Elf quickly found the trail of the lost girl and tracked her to the southern shore of Lake Zarovich. With keen eyes they spotted a figure in a boat several hundred metres out dumping a burlap sack overboard. They rushed and found it was the girl, and were only just able to save her from a terrifying death by drowning.

The man who'd thrown her overboard was simple, though the group didn't wait for much explanation. Pip smashed through the man's boat and, being unable to swim, left him to die the same death he'd intended for the girl.

After bringing her back, the group had earned the promised favour from the vistani, and were given the weapons they needed to defeat werewolves.

8. The Werewolves


After they'd secured their new weapons, the group followed Elf as he led them through to Barovian back woods to where the werewolve den lay. Hewn into the side of a mountain, the den was a large cave whose entrance formed the visage of a howling wolf.

Cautiously they approached, taking their time and observing. Elf informed them that seven of the wolves had left and traveled far enough away that they could safely approach the den.

Upon entering they found two sentries and immediately engaged them. The sentries raised the alarm in the cave and they were joined by four others.

In the fray, Ezmerelda was bitten horribly and could feel the beginnings of the lycanthropis virus infecting her.

Before they could stop them, one of the wolves made it to the entrance and howled loudly across the valley. Elf could sense the others coming.

The group was in no position to face off against seven more of the beasts, especially not in the state that Ez was in. Instead they chose to flee. With the skillful survival acumen of Elf they were able to safely get away for a time. Unfortunately, there was nothing to be done for Ezmerelda's condition unless they could find wolfsbane, which was rare in these part of the forest. The group was exhausted at this point and the danger of pushing further while tired or resting and moving with a clear head the next day weighed on them.

They chose to setup camp for the night, and posted a watch. On the second watch deep into the night Milivoj heard something. He awoke Pip and roused Elf from his meditation. From the rustling they heard a loud howl of identification. Though they dispatched of this lone wolf before he could escape, the six others knew their position again and approached.

The group steeled themselves for what they feared may be their final stand.

9. Near Death


As the werewolves closed in, the group prepared for the worst. The attack came swiftly. A group of four direwolves and three werewolves. Ez used the the of her strength to cast greater invisibility on Elf.

Both Pip and Milivoj confronted the werewolves head on. The two seasoned warriors worked with precision; Milivoj sweeping the foul creatures off their feet and Pip smashing them with Lightbringer.

Two direwolves pulled off from the pack to focus on the near catatonic Ezmeralda, focused only on trying to maintin her concentration in hiding the errant archer.

As the wolves closed in, arrows appeared out of nowhere, piercing their hearts and slaying the beasts. The effort was too much, however, and the vistana swooned to the ground and the elf was revealed.

The final werewolf saw that the situation was turning and attempeted to flee. At this, Elf held out a single silver arrow, closed his eyes and muttered a small incantation and let fly an ensnaring strike.

The lycanthrope was rooted to the spot and Milivoj and Pip closed in, the creature's death inevitable as the paladin exacted his oath of vengance.

After the battle, the group could still hear the howls and feel other werewolves closing in on them. Exhausted they swiftly moved through the forest eventually reaching the Old Svalich Road. As they worked their way towards the closest safe haven they knew of, The Wizards of Wine Winery, they were once more beset. This time by fearsome scarecrow creatures. Animated by some dark magic and imbued with an arcane ability to cause fear.

Despite their exhaustion the group was able to dispatch of the creatures quickly and stumble on death's to the safety of the winery.

Therein they spoke with Davian Martikov about the virus currently afflicting Ezmeralda. The Martikovs, themselves lycanthropes, were familiar with the disease and the old patriarch used a strange mixture of herbs to stall the infection and artificially sedate the vistana until the group could find some wolfsbane.

The only place to find wolfsbane in Barovia is high in the mountains in the Tsolenka Pass. Davian warned them, however, that the pass was home to a fearsome Roc.

10. The Pass


Milivoj, Pip, and Elf began to make their way towards Mount Baratok, on a path that would lead them through Tsolenka Pass.

Before making thei way into the cold and desolate elevation they spent some time hunting in the woods to get enough skins to resist the cold.

Several days later, and several nights spend in the far reaches of uncivilised Barovia, they made their way up a rapidly narrowing path and saw a gatehouse built into the side of the mountain. On investigation, there was a large portculus blocking the road and inside the gatehouse a wall of arcane green flame.

Milivoj was able to pry up enough of a stone to allow Elf underneath the portculus. On reaching the opposite side, the gate creaked and opened of its own accord.

The group clamered in and found the warmth of the green flame inviting. Experimenting a bit they found that the flame didn't burn objects, but they themselves could feel the heat.

Milivoj decided to dash through the flame to the other side and investigate. He steeled himself and ran forward, burning horribly in the process... but making it through the exit to the other side. After some searching, he luckily found several sprigs of wolfsbane in the snow on the other side, white flowers blooming in the dark.

While this was transpiring, Pip spent some time praying and so was able to detect the presence of two nearby fiends. Fiends that were, in fact, just on top of the gatehouse.

Milivoj, badly burnt from the first run through the magical flame tied a rope around his waist and threw it to the others on the other side. "If I'm unable to make it through, pull with all your might", he said. And with that, he braved the flames again. This time his resolve faltered and he fell in pain. Pip and Elf quickly pulling him the rest of the way through.

Successful in their mission to acquire the herb, the group resolved to head back immediately to Ez. Pip let the others know to be cautious of the nearby fiends, unaware of their intentions or goals.

Milivoj recalling his training in the church called out in the language of the infernals, asking if the fiends are all right and saying that they were leaving now.

The fiends, unhappy with this screeched for him to quiet himself in reply. Several more attempts to communicate were likewise rebuffed, until finally the fiends had enough and attacked the group. The battle was fierce, but ultimately the fiends retreated back to the top of the guardhouse.

The group made their way back to the winery and delivered the herbs to Davian Martikov, who administered a concoction to the infected vistana.

11. Shovel Knight


After being administered the tincture that will clear her of lycanthrope before it can take root, Ezmeralda required several weeks of recovery time.

The group discussed their options and decided that, in recompense for the work of the Martikovs that they would seek out the magical gems taken from the winery. They knew of the locations of two of them. The first was taken by the druids and Davian suspected they'd brought it to some unholy ritual in Yester Hill to the south. The second was stolen by the scarecrows of Baba Lysaga during one of the raids. Davian assumes that it has been brought to the evil witch in the ruins of the city of Berez.

They decided to retrieve the Yester Hill stone first. They made their way during the day to Yester Hill arriving just as night fell. Cautiously they observed the hill being struck by lightening several times, and soon an uncanny fog rose to ungulf the top of the hill, and then after several moments, just as quickly disapated.

Pip could feel the presence of undead nearby, but as the fog pulled back so did that sense. Elf circled around the hill and found a group of druids and blights around a small copse of trees. Milivoj and Pip approached the summit of the hill, surrounded by tall walls of boulders. Inside the ring of boulders they found a giant statue of Strahd von Zarovich himself.

As Elf watched, the chanting grew louder and appeared to be approaching a crescendo. Milivoj taking confidence in his magical staff of Gulthias approached the blights and tried to engage the druids. The blights blocked his pass, but otherwise seem compelled to remain friendly to him by the staff he carried.

Finally Elf's sense of danger with the ritual was too much and he loosed several arrows killing one of the druids. Upon this, haggard mountain men with long beards, smeared with dirt emerged from hidden mounds in the circle of boulders, cutting off Milivoj from Pip. And they attacked.

Milivoj was caught unawares by the bezerkers and was struck heavily by three of them in quick succession. Just as the attack began the druid's ritual ended, and a silence briefly covered the hill before a giant evil treant creature burst from the center of the wooden statue enraged with a green glow pulsing in its chest.

Thinking quickly Milivoj, despite his injuries too the staff of Gulthias, and snapped it with all his strength across his knee. A shock wave of arcane power eminated from the broken staff affecting all blights in the surrounding area. The wave seemed to remove the very connections of the fibres of their being and they slowly disintegrated. The giant treant took several steps forward, but he too was slowly turned to wisping ash in the wind.

Just as Milivoj did this, he was struck by several more savage blows from the bezerk mountain men around him. His sacrifice saved Pip and Elf, but he died there on the hill.

Seeing this, and seeing that at the foot of where Wintersplinter the treant was moments ago was a glowing green gem, Pip quickly scooped it up and began to hastily retreat. Elf covered the retreat, killing more of the druids and mountain savages as tears filled his eyes.

The remaining two members of the team just as they reached safety at the edge of the forest surrounding the hill looked back. There they saw the same strange mist as before coalesce into Strahd von Zarovich. The vampire lord looked directly at them, bowed with great aplumb, and picked up the Tome of Strahd - his tome - from the now dead body of Milivoj the Shovel Knight.

12. The Wanderer


After the death of Milivoj, Pip and Elf were able to rendezvous in the forest around Yester Hill. Pushing aside their grief they headed back towards the winery, at least having accomplished their goal of retrieving the magical gem for Davian, despite the heavy cost.

As they approached the winery Davian met them outside and quickly ushered them in asking for help. He'd found an unconscious man in the fields of the winery. Pip laid hands upon him and summoned divine energy to bring life back to man, who awoke gasping and confused.

Emotions frayed and tested to their limits, after a brief introduction and ascertaining that he was not a threat or an agent of Strahd in anyway they could detect, the two adventurers went to their rooms to mourn their fallen friend.

The wanderer, confused and disoriented attempted to reach out with divination magic. The magical link between him and his patron was redirected to a new voice. One that mocked him and drew out his darkest thoughts. This new voice must be Strahd, he thought, and vowed then to put an end to this blight.

After a long night's rest, Elf ventured down and spoke with Davian and the strange man. He introduced himself as Pete, the Wanderer. He was brought to Barovia by his patron angel who sent him to assist adventurers in eradicating the curse of Strahd.

Elf remained sceptical of this strange man, and went to check on Ezmeralda. Pete followed along and immediately recognising that she was still battling the lycanthropic infection, despite the wolfsbane, he touched her forehead and summoned his divine energy to cure her of her curse.

She awoke slowly, weak from her days in traction, but alive and fully well once again. She thanked this strange man, and immediately asked where Pip and Milivoj were. Fresh tears entered Elf's eyes as he relayed the last few weeks to to vistana.

Ezmeralda then demanded to see Pip, who had isolated himself in his room with his grief. She spoke to him quietly about the pain of losing so many loved ones in such a short time period and how the only cure for this is vengeance. With this his demeaner changed and he focused his attention and power once again. Strahd must die.

But first, the group agreed they must retrieve the body of Milivoj and give him a proper burial rite. And so they set off again for Yester Hill this time accompanied by the strange wandering cleric instead of the Shovel Knight.

Upon arrival they found the druidic hill abandoned by it's perverted worshipers. No more berzerkers nor druids. Only a crucifix with the flayed and dead body of their friend Milivoj remained.

They brought him down and laid him to rest, but not before each saying a small word to honor the man. One of the few Barovians to stand up to the tyrant and fight back. They promised they would avenge him.

13. The Wereraven Muriel


After performing proper rites for Milivoj, the group returned to the winery where they rested for some time, and discussed their next moves.

After deliberating for quite some time, they ultimately decided that they would return to the town of Vallaki and confront the burgermaster. Doing so would mean they'd no longer be personas non grata there, and would be able to draw on the resources of some of the friendly townsfolk (including Urwin Martikov).

They thanked Davian for all of his help, and promised him that they'd retrieve another of the missing gems from Baba Lysaga after freeing Vallaki.

They departed and began working their way back along the now familiar Svalich Road towards Vallaki. Some time into their second day on the road they spotted a raven high in the sky looking down on them. It swooped down and transformed into a woman in front of them.

The woman introduced herself as Muriel Vinshaw. A wereraven stationed in the ruins of Berez. She had been returning to discuss some of her findings when she spotted the adventurers.

After just a brief time, and some confirmation that she wasn't an agent of Strahd, the group invited her to accompany them to Vallaki. Her local knowledge would be invaluable. She agreed.

With Muriel in tow, the team now discussed their plans. They would send in Pip to try to lure out the burgermaster or his henchman with the demonic arm, Izek, out onto the road where they could be ambushed. They'd do so by using Ezmeralda as bait.

Pip made his way to the village, leaving the others several kilometers outside in the woods. Muriel flew high above in raven form, keeping watch. The guards stopped the young paladin immediately, and he demanded to speak with the burgermaster. The guards had been made aware that the adventurers were fugitives and immediately took him into custody and led him to a building in town to wait while they fetched Izek to speak with him.

Izek's arrived and wasn't taken in by the ruse or attempt to get him out of town. Izek ordered his guards to torture Pip until he told them where Ezmeralda and the others were. Izek then left to speak on the matter with the burgermaster.

Muriel, being the clever sort, realised after a few minutes that Pip was in quite the bind, and landed quietly in a nearby alleyway, where she summoned the help of several resident spiders by enlarging them and immobilising the guards while Pip was able to escape.

She then headed back to the group to tell them of what had transpired. Pip meanwhile began to work his way towards the Blue Water Inn where he knew he could trust the Martikovs.

Muriel arrived back and informed Pete, Ezmeralda and Elf of the situation, then quickly took flight again back to assist Pip.

The others meanwhile began a very fast jog towards Vallaki. Once they neared the gates, from some distance away still, they saw a large number of town guards amassing and waiting. Elf, not being the patient sort, started firing arrows at them, killing several before the remaining guards took cover. Pete began working his way towards the gate.

Muriel arrived back in Vallaki to find Izek gathering a group of many civilians with pitchforks to storm the woods and find the adventurers. Thinking quickly, she landed in the middle of the group and, using magical means, charmed Izek into thinking her a friendly. After this, she convinced him that he and she should leave the town alone, to which he agreed and dispersed the crowd.

The ruse worked and she led Izek into the waiting arms of the adventurers who killed him, but not until they dispelled the magic in his arm and it shriveled away into nothing. He was left powerless and stripped on the road, no longer able to terrorise people.

14. Minus One Burgomaster


Having dispatched with Izek, the group discussed their next course of action. Eventually they decided that they were unable to abide leaving the burgomaster to terrorise the village with his mock-happy ceremonies.

They hatched a plan where Pete and Muriel would make their way into town and lure out the burgomaster where he could be confronted. A very original plan.

It worked largely without a hitch. Muriel was able to sneak in and trick the burgomaster into leaving his home. She led him (with his two mastiffs) to an alley where Pete was waiting. They killed him, but not before he blew a whistle alerting the remainder of the town's guard.

They swiftly fled, mission accomplished, back to the others.

With this they decided they were done with Vallaki and they would head to the ruins of Berez, where they'd retrieve the Sunsword and the missing gem for Davian.

After some time traveling through the bog, they arrived and carefully surveyed the area. They knew from Muriel that there was a mansion in town as well as Baba Lysaga's magical moving hut.

They first headed to the mansion where they found the ghost of the former burgomaster who relayed the sad history of how Berez became ruins. He also revealed the hidden location of the sunsword. After retrieving the sword, they were beset by shambling undead creatures. Pete quickly dispatched of them, but the bloated corpses were filled with snakes. Muriel spoke with the snakes and discovered they hungered. She promised them a large feast of goats and the group led them back to a pen they found earlier.

Since there was no door, Pete smashed the wood and set off an alarm of sorts. Quickly hiding in the nearby mansion, they watched as scarecrows and eventually an evil hag approached.

The hag rode a magical giant skull as a vehicle. Muriel dispeled the magic and she came crashing to the ground, now fully aware of the group and angry.

15. Baba Lysaga


The group attacked Baba Lysaga immediately. While she was surrounded by scarecrows, Pete banished her to focus on the minions.

After they were dispatched she popped back into existence, but the group was prepared. She surprised them with the power of her spell casting, but still they overpowered her quickly.

With the hag dead, her minions and creatures fled. The group made their way to her house where they found the gem for the winery embedded in the floor and a chest of unusual magic items.

16. Krezk


After defeating Baba Lysaga and retrieving the gem, through group discussed their next steps. Muriel decided that she would remain with the group, but first must return the gem to the Martikovs.

So the team traveled again across the now familiar Svalich raod back to the Wizards of Wine Winery. Davian greeted them now as friends and upon receiving the gem led them in for a feast with the Martikov family. The feast went long into the night and everyone, even Pip felt content for the first time in as long as they could remember.

In the morning the group decided that they would head to the village of Krezk where they knew Saint Markovia's abbey resided. Here, they knew lay the last remaining artifact - the Icon of Ravenkind.

On arriving in Krezk, they were told to wait outside the gates for the burgomaster. When he came, he questioned them until he realised they were the ones responsible for the return of the wine shipments. Cautiously, he let them in and gave them a cabin in which they could stay the night.

The group awoke the next morning and went to question the burgomaster further. They learned that his son had recently passed away. They asked about the strange happenings in the Abbey, and they were given the rumours;

Their suspicion and interest piqued, they group headed to the abbey to discover what was the cause...

17. Thaddeus the Fallen


As the group approached the abbey they began to notice smoke coming from the main hall as if the inside were on fire. As they passed through the gates they saw two dead human-animal hybrids in a pool of their own blood.

Pip closed his eyes and detected a nearby vampire. Fearing the worst, the group steeled themselves and approached the abbey slowly. They could make out a figure inside hunched over a broken tile.

As Pip approached, he heard a familiar voice; "Do you not recognise your old master, Phillip?"

Thaddeus appeared from the smoke, and entreated Pip to join him once again and defeat Strahd, and take over dominion of Barovia. After several tense moments, the young paladin came to his senses and refused. Despite the sway seeing his old mentor had on him he knew this was just a shell that Strahd was using to toy with his emotions. With this rejection, Thaddeus showed the young paladin what he'd been seeking in the burning hall; The Icon of Ravenkind. Ask he closed his gauntleted fist, the gem in the icon cracked and then shattered rendering the object useless.

Thaddeus attacked.

After a long battle, Thaddeus hunched to his knees defeated. Pip approached him to try... something, but as soon as his guard was down Thaddeus lunged at the boy, trying to bite him, but instead being impaled on the sunsword. His dying words a gasp before turning to dust.

18. The Beginning of the End


Finally recovering from the shock of seeing their former compatriot, the group realised that Ezmeralda had disappeared.

They begin to explore the Abbey in hopes of finding her. After a number of horrors and empty rooms, they found a letter sealed with the Von Zarovitch sigil. It informed them that Count Strahd was in possession of the vistana and that the group was cordially invited to Castle Ravenloft in order to retrieve her.

After some discussion the team made their way back to the Wizards of Wine, and after that Vallaki, where they made preparations. Finally, they started towards Castle Ravenloft. Minds and hearts steeled to the task at hand.

As they approached the castle, the skies filled with dark clouds and a torrent of rain and crash of thunder striking started. Finally arriving in Ravenloft, the group found the doors opened for them and the sounds of festive music playing from somewhere deeper in the keep.

They made their way through the entrance foyer and were greeted in the main hall by the chamberlain of the castle, Rahadin - a dusk elf. Rahadin informed them that the Lord of the Castle had been expecting, and he was waiting in the dining room for them...

19. Ravenloft Pt. 1


Having arrived at Castle Ravenloft seemingly intact, the group follow Rahadin to the dining room where they found Strahd himself. After a brief and ultimately useless conversation, the vampire lord disappeared and left the group to explore the castle.

They eventually found their way to Ezmeralda who they found had been turned by Strahd into a vampire. She told them she couldn't be trusted, especially the closer she was the the Count where he exerted more control. She told them of a magical heart that protects Strahd hidden in the palace. If the adventurers could find it and destroy it, they would weaken him substantially. Finally, she asked for them to take her life to prevent her from later betraying them.

Pip brandished the sunsord and pushed it through her heart watching his friend and compatriot turn to dust.

Steeling themselves, they found their way to the heart, which they destroyed, and then worked their way back down towards the crypts of the castle where they knew they could find the lord himself.

Player Characters

Elf (real name unknown)
Elderly, even by elven standards. Elf has live many lifetimes and forgotten his or her (gender also unknown) name.
Arrogant and racist. Proud to a fault. Follower of the god Helm. Challenged Strahd van Zarovich to a duel in which he was killed despite a valliant effort.
Philip (Pip)
Squire to Thaddeus, who treated him as his own son. Has sworn an oath of vengence against Strahd.
Sailor cum adventurer. Kind hearted, but fearsome in battle. Fell to a swarm of vampire spawn. Whereabouts unknown, presumed dead. Best friends with Astrid.
Orphaned tabaxi street child. Wild and untamed. Best friends with Mighty.
Born in Vallaki. Milivoj rejects the burgomaster’s proclamation that “All will be well!” and is frustrated that he can’t protect his younger siblings. He wants to be free of Barovia’s curse but sees no hope of escape. After the adventurer's retrieve the bones of St. Andal from the coffin maker, and Milivoj sees that Strahd can be resisted, he offers to join them. Trusty with a shovel, which he weilds like a polearm. He was killed in a fray with seven bezerkers while he destroyed the Staff of Gulthias, killing hundreds of blights and the evil reborn Wintersplinter and saving his friends from certain death.
A wanderer of many lands. Following the whisperings of his patron angel to seek out those who need help. He's gone by many names, but for now he is called "Pete". Led to Barovia by this same angel patron to seek out and help heroes who will rid the land of its curse.
Muriel Vinshaw
Working as one of the lookouts for the wereravens who stand against Strahd, Muriel was assigned to spy on the hag, Baba Lysaga by Davian Martikov. After months in the swamp and bog she was to return to report her findings. On her flight back, she saw the adventurers on the road and flew down to greet them. After some convincing, she decided that she would join them on their way to Vallaki to kill the burgermaster.

Non Player Characters


A vistana vampire hunter.