1. Parallel Interlude: Mystery Dinner


In a parallel version of Delway, Parallel-Dr. Phil, Lord Faro Blimby Nar-nar De'Radwo Slyn VII Esq., and Garth, find themselves the guest of Count Vorloft, having recently won acclaim ridding the region of bandits.

After the celebratory feast, our adventurers awoke to a panicked guard corps. The Count's daughter, Amelia, had been kidnapped during the night. Thankfully, the party had slept in the guard barracks and so had an alibi above reproach. Knowing the party's reputation, the captain of the guard, Oscar, requests their assistance in the matter.

After a brief investigation of the scene of the crime, strange scratch marks and a letter intimating that Amelia had been having a dalliance with a gentleman not of the court, the team decided first to interview the suspects, who were guests at the dinner the night before.

After clever word play and magically enhanced persuasion, the crew was able to discover

  1. A commoner who'd killed a nobleman and was attempting to impersonate him in order to marry Amelia (subsequently arrested and sentenced to hard labour in the Gnome Underdark Mining Corporation's mines)
  2. A spy sent to out the commoner and bring him to justice.
  3. A secret wererat lover of Amelia, who had kidnapped her for a ritual to turn her into a wererat so that she would be able to be with him forever (gaaaaaassssssspppp)

After learning of what happened to Amelia, the team heading to the sewers to find and rescue her. After a well-timed Fireball, and a hasty retreat, they were able to exit the sewers and return to the keep with Amelia alive (barely), and their reputations intact.

2. Missing Contact


The P-Team, having arrived in the Crown City of Jewel, sought council from the contact given to them by Vanard von Wroth, one Sir Thomas of Rouge. Calling upon him in the royal palace, the P-Team discovered he's been missing for several days. A peculiar interaction with one of the royal staff, led Su Yuan and Dr. Phil to investigate the palace further.

Eventually the two were accosted by a shady gnome, referring only to himself as "Mittens". Mittens offered to introduce the team to his boss, who most assuredly knew more details of Sir Thomas' disappearance.

After some negotiation, and a blantant bribe, Mittens led the two to the door 5 metres away, and introduced them to Lord Morcom Kester, spymaster for the throne, and purveyer of mysteries.

The team learned that Sir Thomas had been sent on a diplomatic mission to the undercity several days ago, and had not returned as expected. He was to speak with the King of the undercity deuregar, and start to form an alliance with him against any possible Southern aggression.

Additionally, the team learned that the castle staff whom had been acting peculiary had had his memory wiped by some unknown magic. This was of great concern to Lord Kester, but he refused to speak of it further.

The P-Team agreed to have Mittens guide them through the undercity to discover the fate of Sir Thomas and report back, or save him if necessary.

The motley crew ventured into the undercity where they were quickly accosted by a group of bandits all named "Dan". The bandits were quickly dispatched with after they intimated their desire to use Jimmy's gold pouch without his consent.

Before trampling the last of the bandits, Dr. Phil learned of a secret passage in the hall they were in. He took point, leading the crew to a small campfire Dr. Phil found a stupendously obese man, and a rail thin man. Through arcane means of pursuasion he learned they too were named "Dan" and that the other "Dan's" were their friends.

Unfortunately, Obese-Dan was not as taken by Dr. Phil's charm as Skinny-Dan, and declared his intention to harm anyone in their lair not in the "Dan Gang".

Su Yuan took this as his cue and initiated a prospectively-defensive first strike on Obese-Dan.

The session ended mid-battle, with Obese-Dan transformed into a giant scorpion.

Player Characters

Su Yuan
Dr. Phil
Lord Faro Blimby Nar-nar De'Radwo Slyn VII Esq.
Managing director of the Gnome Underdark Mining Corporation. Billionaire, philanthropist, adventurer, and Victorian Gentleman.
Dr. Phil (Parallel Universe)
Parallel version of Dr. Phile. Has a weakness for noble men with curly hair. Hates basic bitches.
Escaped the cult he was born into, but is plagued by the traumatic actions he was forced to take as a child. Loves rats.
Unknown (alias Mittens)