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§ 1

in which the hero is introduced

NetHack is hard. noobhack makes it easier. It remembers stuff about the Mazes of Menace that would otherwise be tedious for you.

§ 2

in which the plot is unveiled

Here is a (non-inclusive) list of things noobhack helps with.

§ 3

setup, install, and pip-pip cheerio

Installing noobhack is easy:

$ # gentlemen of distinguished package descent
$ pip install noobhack

$ # gentlemen preferring a seasoned, mature approach
$ easy_install noobhack

Running it is easier:

$ noobhack 

Does noobhack work with Yes:

$ noobhack

§ 4

the inimitable cast members speak

In the midst of the most amazing shop, I realized I'd forgotten my 'Mazes of Menace Prices Almanac'. If it weren't for noobhack I would have bought a scroll of punishment. Instead; I knew I was charging a scroll of genocide to my Platinum Yendorian Express Card.

— Bernhard Von Noystein, Tourist

noobhack. It works, bitches.

— Scientist

Sometimes I totally like... forget. Like... what I hear in my head. This one time I totally heard some guard's footsteps. What does that even mean? With noobhack, it's like I don't even have to, like, think about it.

— Patricia Martin, Valkyrie

... you have to understand, chicks dig longswords. Last week I was hitting on this choice cleric biddy, when 'bam' *clap* out of nowhere comes this red dragon. noobhack reminded me I was fire resistant and 'bam' *clap* twenty minutes later she was taking off her clothes... The girl, not the dragon

— Sir Prescott Wyndam III Esq., Knight

Some people might say I'm OCD, paranoid, and maybe a little racist. I like to think I'm cautious. Without noobhack I'd have to memorize Mine Town ... it remembers the map so I can concentrate on important things: genociding gnomes — creepy, creepy, gnomes.

— Magus Stormfinger, Wizard

* This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.